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Following our success with the Rebilling Maximizer software, we now provide outsourcing services for all your rebilling needs.

The Rebilling software is now available for purchase, or you can rely on us to do all the rebilling functions for you, with no up-front costs and no staffing needed on your part.

You have nothing to lose! Every month, we will extract from your data and bill all rebillable transactions, and follow-up on them until they are adjudicated. We charge a small percentage of what we collect for you, so you have a predictable cost based on revenue.

Contact us today and we can set up a preliminary analysis of your data, so you can get an idea of what you stand to gain.
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Consulting Services

At LCS, we have been filling-in the blanks for more than 30 years.

Off-the-shelf systems cannot fill every possible need. We all have custom reports or special functions that are not addressed.

We can set up a Data Warehouse in Microsoft SQL Server with data downloaded from your trusted management system. From this solid base, the possibilities are endless. SQL Server has an amazing functionality in terms of data cleansing and processing with Integration Services (SSIS), custom reports with Reporting Services (SSRS), and even analysis and forecasting with Analysis Services (SSAS).

Have a need for ad-hoc queries? We can put a friendly face on SQL Server by linking to a Microsoft Access database. Do you need heavy-duty number-crunching? We can export to Excel. Do you have creative payment arrangements such as sub-capitation or a points system? We can create a custom solution for you.

We also have deep experience in processing data from IDX/GE Centricity, so contact us today!